Thank You – A Mantra for This Tuesday

I'm in month eight of a year-long yoga teacher training program and aside from helping me become more Zen, I'm learning loads and discovering much about myself. One discovery: I don't want to teach. I want to share. My goal next year after I'm certified is to share the lessons I've learned through yoga. As… Continue reading Thank You – A Mantra for This Tuesday

Things to Help Be Zen: Reiki Healing

If you read my last post, you'll know I was seeing red and smoking like a chimney. My anger was like a time bomb settled deep in my chest. I was aware of the weight, aware of its presence, but it was too big for me to get out myself, it had nothing left to… Continue reading Things to Help Be Zen: Reiki Healing

Zen Mama’s Recommended Reads

I'm an avid non-recommender of parenting books. I've read countless.┬áThe Difficult Child, The Explosive Child, The Out-of-Sync Child, How to Raise Boys with ADHD. I can sum them up for you: routine, sticker charts, rewards, and consequences. Here's the problem our family has had with all of those. Life can't always follow a routine. Yes,… Continue reading Zen Mama’s Recommended Reads