Zen Mama Mantras is born from my journey to become a calmer, healthier, and happier me. I never set out to write about children or parenting. But, as a writer girl in a writer world, who’s also a mom it was only a matter of time before the two came together.

I’m a copywriter by trade, a creative writer by dreams, and a mom for life. I had one little munchkin biologically five years ago and became a bonus-mom (formerly known as step-mom) to my fantastic teenage bonus-sons when they were pre-teens aka tweens. My mommy journey has made many stops. I started in stay-at-home mommy land and ventured forth to part-time working mommy until I became a full-time single mommy. Then, I got myself two jobs and became a dating mommy and I’m now a happily married (bonus)mommy.

I’m a┬áneurotic perfectionist with ADHD (for the lack of a better way to describe my energetic personality), and an intuitive empath who is extremely sensitive. I cry at the drop of an insult and dance with the joy of a flower blooming. When I became a mom, I wanted to be the PERFECT mom. I know I’m not alone. In fact, in my experience, I see too many moms these days trying to be the perfect TV version of their mom selves, and that is not okay. Not if you’re beating yourself up the way I did. Not if it’s affecting your relationships the way it did mine.

I began meditating and doing yoga when I became a single mom after a three-day anxiety attack. I went to therapy for years to work through my depression and anxiety problems. I found perfectionism to be at the root of most of what was bothering me.

I thank my lucky stars for every step I’ve taken. I went through hell, got lost, stopped and asked for directions, was misdirected, and eventually found a way out by relying on myself.

I became familiar with the Buddhist philosophy of accepting life as suffering. It seemed negative to me the first time I read it because I didn’t understand.

I do now.

I love my children with every fiber of my being. I would step in front of a bullet for them. I’d rip my kidney out with my own hands if they needed one. And that is why, I will love them and be there for them through every step of our messy journey together, no matter how much kids suck.

I hope if you’re struggling or suffering with your kids, you can find some comfort in knowing, you are not alone. We ALL suffer. Repeat after me: parenting is hard because kids suck.

See, doesn’t that feel better?

To protect the privacy of my kids, I will refer to my oldest step-son as Oldest, my youngest step-son as Middle, and our littlest one as Little.

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