A Mirror Experiment – The Results

I said I’d cover my mirrors for seven days, but I chose to extend the experiment. My Oldest pointed out that one week wouldn’t be enough time because what if, “You feel like shit already and you’re not in a positive mood because of that? Won’t that affect the results?”

And he was right… sort of. Because almost immediately after I covered the mirrors I developed a new pain in my right hip and came down with a cold. So, basically, I was sitting around feeling like shit and gauging my positivity at the time would’ve produced skewed results.

HOWEVER–and it’s a big however, hence the all caps–since I was already feeling like shit, I’m going to honestly state that not having the opportunities throughout the day to see exactly how tore up I looked was nice. It did prevent many chances to tear myself down on top of the general feeling of shittiness due to physical pain and being sick, and that helped keep my spirits higher than they would’ve been. Therefore, I deduce that my hypothesis of eliminating the opportunities for negative self-talk will enhance a person’s overall mood.

And in the week following, it was nice to eliminate all those times I would have over-scrutinized my outfit or hair choice for the day. Not staring at myself in the mirror trying to pinpoint every pimple on my face saved me a great deal of time and energy in trying to send love towards my reflection. There were many times when I wished I could get rid of the mirrors out of our house for good.

But, the time also came when I wanted to be able to check my outfit before I headed out to meet with people and know the colors weren’t clashing garishly or I didn’t have camel toe or some other embarrassing situation going on. When I turned the mirrors around I noticed one thing: my bathroom lighting is TERRIBLE. I look like a sleep deprived raccoon after a bender on uppers. Step out into the entryway of my house with natural light, and those bags disappear poof like magic. Which leads me to assert, don’t trust the mirrors! When you think you look ugly in one, go find another in different lighting and you’ll be happier for doing so 🙂

At the end of the day, I hope we all find ways to be kinder to ourselves whether it be by covering all our mirrors or taking 5 minutes a day to stare into one repeating positive affirmations… whatever we have to do, being kinder to ourselves will eventually bleed out onto the people we love.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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