Things to Help Be Zen: CBD Oil

On her way to my house, she passed a coffee truck, Gratitude Coffee, and felt the vibe. She was running early, so she texted to ask if I’d like some tea or coffee.

Yes, please!

After a rundown of the options, I asked her to grab me an iced Hippie Tea. I’d never heard of this Gratitude Coffee truck, but I, like my friend, vibed with the name and especially liked my drink choice.

After a moment, I heard another ding.

K: Do you want CBD oil?

Me: What’s that?



Helps with pain and anxiety? Um, yes, thank you!

The tea was fruity and refreshing and tasted great with a shot of citrus flavored CBD oil. Me, being the researcher I am, I visited the website you see in the picture, and read up on what CBD oil is.

According to Kono Naturals:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a largely legal hemp oil made from high-CBD and low-THC hemp plants. Due to the low traces of THC, CBD oil products are non-psychoactive, allowing users to gain the health benefits of cannabis without the associated high.

Okay, I’ll bite. I Googled around and found similar explanations and other places to buy, but all were online retailers and I’m skeptical about buying “all-natural” products off the web without trying it or knowing it’s a legitimate company.

Kono Naturals, though, is local for me, and I’d already had a chance to try their product. I found out too, that they were available for purchase in some local shops, which is how I prefer to shop. Not that I don’t shop online, but when I can I like to support local and have face-to-face interaction. So I ran to one of the co-ops nearby and picked up my own bottle of citrus-flavored CBD oil to add to tea at home.

For the past month, I’ve been giving it a try to see if it can hold true to its pain and anxiety relief claims.

The instructions on the bottle say to drop 1 to 2 droppers full under your tongue a day. I personally am not a fan of this. It makes my mouth feel oily and the flavor still tastes a lot like pot, so I model my consumption after Gratitude Coffee and add mine to tea. Though, some days when I don’t have time to make tea, I will take as advised on the bottle.

Here are the results:

I was experiencing achy joints which were my number one reason for wanting to try it. I would lie in bed at night, and no matter how much yoga I did that day, no matter how far I stretched and rotated my joints, the pain would be there. I smoked for twelve years before I had my son and so I have the joints of a woman much older than my actual age.

In the past few weeks, I’ve not had this ache at night. I’ve been able to stretch further in my yoga poses, which is important because I’m working on being more flexible in general. By the end of 2018 I want to be able to grab my back foot while in pigeon pose:


During this little test, I went through a period of stress with work with the weight of a hefty deadline, one I barely met on time. Despite feeling overwhelmed, I managed to get through without any panic attacks. This is pretty substantial. I was still stressed-out, that should be noted, but I didn’t fall apart over it.

I’ve had zero digestion problems. In fact, I’d have to say everything in that department has been running smoothly.

I recently had a cold and was over it within 24 hours whereas my step-son and husband are taking far longer to recover.

We all know medicinal marijuana is on the rise as a natural solution to many of our mental health and wellness issues, plus for pain management for people who don’t want narcotics, and a number of other health problems. But, not all of us want to get high. So I’m personally thrilled at the idea of products that have the benefits without the munchies.

The CBD oil from Kono Naturals comes in unflavored, citrus and spearmint flavors, and in multiple sizes. They also have a number of other hemp-based products, and everything can be purchased online.

If you have more questions about CBD oil visit their blog or their FAQ, it’s full of fantastic information.

For one of my favorite tea recipes with the CBD oil watch below.

Do you have an all-natural product or something people can use on their journey to finding Zen in their life? Contact me today if you’d like to see a review of your product here on Zen Mama Mantras.

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