Say I Am Instead of I Want

In October, I attended a Wise Working Women networking meeting with guest speaker Elizabeth Gifford Maffei of BEmpowerfulU Coaching. She's an intuitive coach, and her discussion was on how to ask and listen to the angels in our lives. Now, as a non-religious but spiritual person, I'm not one for using such definitive terms as "angels"… Continue reading Say I Am Instead of I Want

Empathy ≠ Compassion

Glasses are from I'm a big fan of coaches. Life coaches, health coaches, career coaches, yoga coaches, etc. After almost two-and-a-half years of therapy, I was tired of examining the past and at the right time, two fantastic coaches entered my life. My career coach explained to me the difference between therapy and coaching… Continue reading Empathy ≠ Compassion

Life is too short… Find the Funny

What I do know, is the greatest honor I can give his memory is to never forget how short life is. How fleeting our opportunities to be with people we love are. How lucky I am to have a spark of light for a husband. How lucky I am that I got to know Sam and I'm getting to know Susan better now. How lucky I am to have kids, and a mom, and a mother-in-law, and friends to drive me crazy!

I’m Doing the Best I Can

There was a time when I would've been humiliated despite there being no one to bear witness to my tampon crisis and underwear snafu. I would've called myself all kinds of names synonymous with dumb. I would've packed it in, called it a night, kissed my $25 and girl's night out goodbye because who wants this dumb b*tch who can't even pull on her underwear the right way at their yoga event?

Sometimes It Sucks So Much There’s Nothing To Say

I could barely hear her words through the sobs, but I already knew what she was telling me. They were once my words, coming now out of her mouth. “He won’t be here for Christmas.” “My son won’t know his father.” “What am I gonna do?” I tried to answer with support and without crying.… Continue reading Sometimes It Sucks So Much There’s Nothing To Say